Outdoor Solar Lighting For Your Home

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The quality, and affordability of Outdoor Solar Lighting has improved dramatically over the last several years. In addition they are very easy to install and virtually maintenance free. Best of all, using them won't increase your electric bill because they are powered by free eco-friendly solar energy, gathered from the sun.

Popular home uses for outdoor solar lighting are many and varied, and include: pathways and flower beds, wall mounted security lights, free standing illuminated house numbers, garden accent spot lights, figurines, patio lanterns and light strings and even flag pole lighting. 

Each individual device is equipped with solar cells, which convert sunlight into electricity. This electricity is then stored in rechargeable batteries for use to power the light at night. Most lights have a light sensor that automatically turns on the light at night and off during the day. Some of the wall lights also have motion sensors and 2 modes of light intensity.

Outdoor solar lighting systems work very well in most areas of the United States. However, it is important to consider site-specific variables when choosing a product. A solar lighting system will work well only as long as the solar cells receive the manufacturer's recommended hours of sunlight.

​Therefore, it is important to install the device where the solar cells have sufficient contact with sunlight during the day. So the dark side of the house or under a tree may not be the best location. Install the solar device anywhere the solar cells window is unobstructed. Also, watch for bird droppings or even heavy snow on the face of the solar cell window. Insufficient battery charging will not only effect performance, it may also effect the life of the battery. 

We have provided a number of possible solar devices choices for your home and several general information articles on solar power that we hope you will find interesting and informative. Enjoy!

Solar House Numbers

Solar House Numbers are first and foremost about safety. Essential emergency services - ambulance, fire department, police - have to be able to see your house address numbers at night.

Solar Pathway Lights

Solar Pathway Lights

Solar Pathway Lights can serve the duel purpose of visual illumination along a sidewalk or garden path. They can also provide a beautiful accent when strategically placed in flower beds or shrub beds.

Solar Wall Lights

Solar Wall/Flood Lights

Perhaps one could say that no garden, or yard, should be without several of these solar wall/flood lights to brighten up the dark corners of your yard and enhance safety and security. 

Solar Illuminated Figurines

Solar Powered Figurines are a great way to make your garden unique. Along a pathway or as part of a water feature, you can use your creativity and imagination to create a special place in your garden. 

Solar Pathway Lights

Solar Light Strings

Solar Powered Light Strings are just plain cool and bring back that element of garden party nostalgia. They help to create ambiance for any gathering or make the patio feel more like a summer time room.

Solar Wall Lights

Solar Flagpole Light

A Solar Flag Pole Light is a great way to keep your flag shining both night and day for all to see and enjoy!

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