Solar House Numbers


Solar House Numbers are first and foremost about safety. Essential emergency services – ambulance, fire department, police – have to be able to see your house numbers at night to quickly and correctly identify your address. They all agree that addresses can be difficult to see when responding to a night call.

Responding quickly is critical when seconds can mean the difference between life and death. If you have a medical condition, or you know someone who does, you understand exactly what that means.

Picture the last time you were looking for an address at night, traveling along a dark street trying your best to see the house numbers. It’s stressful and time consuming.

That’s how the poor pizza delivery person and taxi driver feels too, not to mention new friends that have never been to your home before. Lighted house numbers put an end to that frustration.

Solar house numbers are quick and easy to install and can be installed just about anywhere. Because they are portable, and don’t require a “hard wire connection”, you don’t have to dig up the lawn or flower beds to bury electrical lines and you don’t have to add extra lengths of wire to make connections.

There is almost no limit to where they can be installed: at the front of your property, on a fence or gate, at the entrance of a lane, or on the front of the house or garage. Some stake mounted models are even available. And in the event of a power shortage they still provide light.

Perhaps the best feature of solar house numbers is that they are powered by FREE, clean energy from the sun. They turn themselves on and off automatically using a sensor and provide an attractive economical solution to visible house numbers both day and night.

If you are considering solar house numbers to improve the safety of your home you may also be interested in the installation of a Solar Security Light. Like solar house numbers they are not hard wired, so they can be quickly and easily installed on almost any part of your property.