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Add Security And Safety To Your Home With Solar Lights

Mpow solar light on front of garage

Police departments across the country all agree that one of the most important investments you can make in the security, and safety, of your home is the addition of motion lights. "The bad guys don't like light"! That makes easily installed, affordable solar security lights, an excellent choice!

Solar motion lights work by collecting Free solar power from the sun during the day through the science of photovoltaic solar cells located on each light. This solar energy is converted into electricity and used to recharge a battery that powers the light.

These lights are equipped with a motion sensor that activates the light. In some cases the field of the motion sensor can even be adjusted (be sure to check the manufacturers specifications if this is important to you). Also, the duration that the light is on can often be adjusted, usually anywhere from half a minute up to 3 minutes (again check with the manufacturer). The trigger for the motion lamp is a passive infrared motion detector that is safe for use around people and animals, and does not require additional high tech equipment.

Solar motion lights use strong, long lasting LED's that provide excellent illumination and last for years. Many of these solar lights have a dual lighting mode, if you want to conserve your battery life. This is handy for areas that don't require as much light, or are in an area where there is a lot of motion and the light is on and off several times throughout the night.

Not only will a well lighted yard give you peace-of-mind it has the added benefit of providing safety for you when you're moving about in your yard after dark. You don't have to worry about tripping over a toy or item the kids forgot to put away after they finished playing. Or maybe you forgot to take out the trash when it was daylight and now you have to fumble around doing that in the dark. Not fun!

This futuristic technology brings solar security lighting to the present and at a price that everyone can afford. There is no reason that any of the dark corners of your property need to remain dark. And installation is easy, often only requiring a couple of screws to secure it to the side of the house, garage, shed, post, fence, wall......really just about anywhere.​

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