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Beautiful, Instant, Lighted Garden Pathways And Flower Beds

Over the last several years, the quality and selection of outdoor solar lighting devices, has become much more economical and readily available; even for a modest home. 

The common misconception that solar energy devices require large, bulky panels is a thing of the past and home owners are realizing that they can beautify their homes with a large variety of solar lights. 

Solar lighting has rapidly become the choice for garden landscaping, lighting sidewalks, pathways and flower beds.

Solar pathway lights are typically constructed of rigid weatherproof plastic and mounted on a stake that makes installation very easy. No wires and digging here!

Each individual device is comprised of a photovoltaic solar cell window that gathers the sun's free energy. This energy is converted into electricity and stored in rechargeable batteries for use during night time lighting.  

The lighting mechanism uses LED technology and a sensor to turn the lights on and off, when changing from light to dark. So you don't have to do anything once you have your lights where you want them. Lights will typically illuminate for about 8 hours, so depending on the time of year they may go off before daybreak, but that is usually lots for most homes.

It's worthy of note to mention security lights are different than pathway lights. They usually have a motion sensor and timer (the light turns off after a few minutes) to turn the light on and off. So there is normally plenty of battery charge for the security lights to provide light when needed throughout the entire night. 

Maintaining your solar pathway light is very simple. You really don't have to do anything. Just make sure the mounting stake is firmly in the ground to give your light proper support. And give the charging window the occasional clean so the sunlight is not impeded from reaching the photo cells. 

Using the sun to power your outdoor lighting is a great way to enhance the outdoor beauty of your home and save money doing so. Keep them clean and your lights should last for years.

You can have a look at some popular examples of Outdoor Solar Pathway Lighting......Here