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Could Solar House Numbers Save Your Life?

Everyone's personal home safety plan should include highly visible address numbers, both during the day and at night.

When was the last time you saw an ambulance lost on the way to an emergency? Maybe never. Well I've seen it and just the other day I saw it again.

While I would like to say this is a rare occurrence, it really isn't. The neighbourhood I Iive in happens to have a higher than normal density of elderly people, who naturally have a higher degree of health concerns, and a higher need for emergency services personnel. Therefore, I often see ambulances in our area.​

Unfortunately, I have personally witnessed ambulances racing into our neighbourhood, with lights flashing and sirens wailing, only to see them minutes later crawling silently back up the street obviously looking at house numbers for an address. Meanwhile, someone could be dying waiting for that very ambulance to get to them. Time is at a premium (that is why it is called emergency response), and often even seconds count.

It would seem obvious that this scenario should never happen. It is not just the elderly that are affected. Everyone is.

I remember when my wife slipped walking down the stairs and had to be transported by ambulance to the hospital to be checked out. Thankfully it wasn't life threatening.

I also remember the day my son was climbing a tree in our yard and slipped. A sharp broken branch ran clear through his knee. Again, it wasn't life threatening (my son may have disagreed), but it demonstrates that accidents do happen around the home and you want your address to be clearly visible, day or night, if an emergency response team needs to be dispatched.

So why would highly trained emergency response personnel have a difficult time finding our homes? Often the answer is as simple as not being able to see our house numbers, either because they are too small, or it's dark.

It's easy enough to check this yourself by simply walking along your property frontage. Can you clearly see your address numbers? Would you be able to see them if it were dark? Remember, an emergency vehicle will be moving faster than your walking speed so the numbers should be identifiable quickly.

If your home doesn't pass this simple test then I would recommend solar house numbers as a solution. They turn on automatically when it's dark and they are constantly illuminated throughout the night, even in the event of a power failure. Just make sure you purchase address numbers that are large enough to be seen clearly from the road. Remember, you want your address to be seen during the day too. 

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