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Create Ambiance In Your Garden With Solar Lights

Only a few years ago, the title to this article would have been difficult to believe, or even understand, and perhaps a little too science fiction. Yet, like so many developments in our ever changing technical world the power of modern science has made this possible.

Photovoltaic technology, which began back in 1954, has become "mainstream" and readily available to home owners, at an affordable price. We now have at our disposal, a vast array of quality outdoor solar lighting devices, perfect for adding beauty and function to the outdoor areas of our homes.  

And this lights are so easy to install! There is no need to dig up your yard to cover the wires required for conventional lighting (which is likely the reason outdoor lighting was not installed in most homes in the past). Now solar lighting makes it so easy. If you don't like your first placement of your light, just move it. ​

You will see in other articles on our site, that we discuss several ways to utilize solar lighting around your home, but here we would like to specifically profile: Solar String Lights and Solar Fairy Lights for Mason Jars.

These lights are very cool and provide so many opportunities to create ambiance in your garden. One of the best things about summer is the time we get to spend outside in our yard, especially in the evening. With lighting, our outdoor space becomes an extension of our home and effectively acts as another room. Whether it's for entertaining friends and family, or just to enjoy yourself in the beauty of your own garden.

You will find some examples of Solar String Lights.....Here

There's so many ways to have fun and use the lighting choices that we now have at our disposal. Recently we utilized light strings when my daughter was married. She wanted to have everything outside and light strings were a prefect way to give that special touch to the event.

Mason Jar Lights

Their theme was a rustic one, and they had mason jars with candles as part of their table centers. Too bad we didn't know about the solar fairy lights that can be screwed onto mason jars. They would have been ideal. I guess we'll have to use them for the next wedding.  ​

You will find some examples of Solar Fairy Lights For Mason Jars.....Here