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Eezy Peezy Solar Light Installation

Probably the number one reason to consider outdoor solar lights for your yard, or garden, is the easy of installation. They are often ready to go right out of the package, or only require a minimal amount of effort to install. 

Because they are powered by the use of photovoltaic cells and rechargeable batteries there is no need for them to be connected by "hard wires", like their hard wired cousins. Simply stated, having to dig up your yard to hide wires is a "pain"! It takes time and limits your options. 

Solar lights are unique self contained units so it's easy to experiment and see where your light(s) "fits" best in your garden. If you don't like it in one spot, you can easily move it to another location. Of course this works best with the lights that don't require mounting on a wall or building (even these lights often only require 1 or 2 screws).

Oh, and did I mention that they are easy to install? I think I did.

Mpow solar light on front of garage

Of course solar power is green energy and FREE! You can't beat that! The sun provides the energy, in concert with photovoltaic cells to provide electricity directly to your light. If you are interested we have provided articles, and a video, on this website for those of you keen to better understand how this amazing technology works.

Solar power has long since ceased being the fantasy of science fiction and has become a viable consideration for many homes and businesses alike. Certainly, quality outdoor solar lighting choices have arrived. Because they are so easy to install and affordable, home owners are lighting up their homes like never before. And design choices are growing daily.

Of course solar lighting provides security** (there's no reason that any dark corner of your yard isn't illuminated), but now there are so many very cool options to beautify your garden and make it another "room" for your home. 

We hope you will enjoy looking around our website at the Outdoor Solar Lighting options we have chosen.....​Here

**Community police forces will all agree that the Number One thing that you can do to make your home safe is provide lots of light in your yard. Bad guys don't like light!​