Solar Flag Pole Flagpole Light By Deneve – Brightest, Most Powerful, Longest-Lasting & Most Flag Coverage with Flagbeam Technology – LED Downlight for Most 15 to 25 Ft Flag Pole for Night Lighting

Product Description:

LATEST, UPDATED DESIGN: AUTOMATIC- Our cutting-edge sensor will detect the right time to start shining in the evening! Just be sure to turn the light on via the "ON/OFF" button before installation. BATTERIES-- more rechargeable batteries (ours has 3 vs. 2). LED / LIGHTING: 20 brighter energy-efficient LED bulbs. MORE PHOTOVOLTAIC CELLS-- to convert more solar energy into electricity.

Before purchasing, PLEASE MAKE SURE OUR LIGHT CAN FIT ON YOUR POLE BY READING THE SPECS. Also, PLEASE ENSURE THE LIGHT IS IN THE "ON" MODE WITH THE "ON/OFF" BUTTON BEFORE INSTALLING ONTO FLAGPOLE. Warning: please don't stare at the lights for a long duration of time as it may cause eye damage.

EASY INSTALLATION- NO TOOLS REQUIRED-- HERE ARE THE STEPS: Lower your pole. Spin your ball shaft and nut off the pole. Center the lights' hole over the pole's hole. ENSURE YOU'VE PRESSED THE ON BUTTON so that the light will shine when dark. Re-insert your ball shaft and nut into both holes. Turn your ball shaft finger tight. Adjust your ball shaft nut as needed. Raise your pole.

This listing is for the solar flag light only. No ball, bolt, ornament, flag, or flag pole is included.

Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Portion of profits will be donated to charity!

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